IZZZIO BigNet - BaaS infrastructure and marketplace solutions for creating decentralized business solutions, with predictable implementation costs and free transactions.
IZZZIO BigNet Blockchain
Main features BigNet
Projected costs
Thanks to the exclusion of internal fees for transfers and smart contracts calls, project budget predicting has become much easier.
Exchange rate of the iZ3 token is stabilized by using other stablecoin as an equivalent cost.
JavaScript smart-contracts
Write and use smart contracts developed in the language of the five most popular. Wide functionality and detailed documentation will allow you to use the possibilities of contracts to the maximum
The consensus algorithm DLCPoA (Dynamic LCPoA) provides high transaction speeds up to 50,000 per second, and up to 1,000 calls of smart-contracts per second.
StarWave data transfer protocol allows you to transfer data at maximum speed within the network
Transparent economy
Economic model makes it easy to predict the cost of the project
The price of the main platform token is fixed using other stablecoin as an equivalent value
Low cost operations
To start a smart-contracts, you pay only once - when choosing the amount of resources available to the contract
Free transactions
Token transactions and smart contract calls are free for users.
BigNet Map
Block Explorer
Block Explorer - explore content of blockchain
iZ³ Node
iZ³ Node - the most important service in the network provides data transfer, generation of new blocks and synchronization between network nodes
Candy Framework
Candy - open-source framework, for web-based blockchain applications
Marketplace - catalog of solutions and smart contract sellers
BigNet Wallet
Wallet - application providing access to all the functionality of the BigNet network
Community - community of enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals developing the BigNet network and IZZZIO products

JavaScript smart-contracts
Fast and stable V8 JavaScript engine
Flexible data and state storing
Flexible smart-contracts ABI
Ethereum-like state control
(D)LCPoA Consensus
Energy efficient
Full 51% attack protection
Dynamic network bandwidth
Based on LCPoA consensus
Andrey Nedobylsky
Co-founder & CTO
More than 10 years of full stack development of software products and highly loaded solutions in the field of IoT, ERP and CRM systems of international companies, as well as team management of technical development in large companies.

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Anzhelika Sheshunova
Co-founder & CEO
Co-founded several projects based on blockchain technologies and business accelerator akselerator.ru.

Consultant for the implementation of blockchain technologies and business development in baikalika.io and sbsplatform.io.

15 years of operational management in companies of various industries

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Ivan Piskunov
ndependent expert and practitioner in the field of information security, holder of CCNA, CEH certificates, member of the Russian Information Systems Security Professional Association (Moscow) and various professional communities of RISC and Skolkovo Cybersecurity Foundations, author and lecturer of information security courses.
1 Q 2019
BigNet TestNet
2 Q2019
Smart-contracts builder
2 Q 2019
1 Q 2020
BigNet Wallet
2 Q 2020
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